15 Best Language Learning Apps That work on mobile

Do you know that learning a new language can connect us globally despite the differences we have? Therefore, whether you are studying for exams, planning a vacation in another country, or booting your language to enable you to work in another country, the best language learning apps are vital to enable you to grow your mind and vocabulary.

Many people find it hard to learn a new language because of the voluminous books involved, or the extra time it takes to attend the classes, whether online or in person, and being unable to listen to the class on audio CDs. relax your mind now because the best language learning apps that work with mobile are available now, so picking the right apps will set you up for success.

With a mobile phone or laptop, your dream of learning a new language will be achieved no matter where you are even in your comfort zone. Just get the app on your Android phone you are good to go.

These best language learning Apps are more economical, especially when compared with formal schooling or tutoring with a language expert.

Top 15 Best language learning Apps

Duolingo App

It is one of the American companies that produce learning apps with language certification. Duolingo uses a captivating approach to language learning, the content is strong, and it is designed in a way you can pick it up and practice for a few minutes a day or you may choose to study for a longer time.

Duolingo is a very good language-learning app for a beginner. It has interactive exercises, quizzes, and translated lessons and stories to make learning more interesting and fun. The platform also uses a unique algorithm that adapts to each learner’s level and learning style, providing personalized feedback and recommendations to help them improve their skills.

It has more than 30 languages to learn, so it depends on the student to make a choice.

Busuu language learning app

If you are looking for an online app to learn a new language, the Busuu app has you covered. It has a free version. It helps you communicate confidently from the very day you start using it, and it makes language learning easier and more effective, therefore, whether you are learning for a higher grade, for travel purposes, or to boost your career.

These are the languages you can learn in Busuu: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, or Turkish the app has an ambitious goal of helping you become fully conversational in the language you choose.

The Busuu app has a Premium and Premium Plus subscription. These subscriptions give you access to complete language courses, and Premium Plus has extra features.

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Rosetta stone language learning App

The Rosetta Stone app is one of the most widely recognized best language learning apps globally. It uses interactive and contextual language lessons blended with extended learning features. Rosetta offers everything you need at any time, anywhere, on any device, online, at your fingertips. It also helps in teaching you individual words.

TripLingo language learning App

TripLing is an online language-learning app. It has an inbuilt voice translator that will translate an English sentence into the foreign language of your choice. It is also for travelers who want to boost their language proficiency. When you are at a loss for words, you can reach out to a translator. TripLing serves as an Emergency language learning app.

Babbel Language App

Babble is among the best language-learning apps for learning a new language. It has three parts: speaking, writing, and listening. Babbel helps to improve your confidence through interactive courses for beginning through advanced students. It also has about 13 other languages to learn aside from Spanish and 600 language learning lessons, whether you are learning for travel, work, or studies. The Babble app will help you accomplish this.

Pimsleur language learning App

It is an online language learning app that focuses on helping foreigners improve their conversational skills in a new country or before travel. 

It is among the oldest and best language learning apps which were originally on audiotape and on CDs but have changed to an app; the exercising part is still in audio form. You can enjoy and achieve your goals by following up each lesson with listening exercises, questioning, and response activities. Pimsleur has over 50 languages you might be interested in learning.

Memrise App

It uses videos of native speakers to help users get a sense of how the new language they are learning actually sounds. the app keeps a record of those practices done by succeeding individuals for lessons to new beginners to encourage them and offers a fun app for beginners through intermediate language learners.

Mondly App

With Mondly, you can learn about 500 new languages in the comfort of your home with your laptop or Android phone. It is quite different because it allows you to learn any language of your choice from your native language, especially for those whose first language is not English. it is a free app, but it offers a premium version too.

Mango Language App

It is one of the best American online mobile apps for language learning, it works in 70 languages and helps you achieve fluency in any new language you learn because you move at your own pace.

It is used by libraries, corporate bodies, governments, individuals, and academic institutions. This app tells you new words and phrases and then asks you to remember them by giving you the translation.

Drops App

Drops the best language learning apps help to improve your vocabulary and also help you become fluent in the new language at your convenience. It provides an alphabet and illustrates each word to make it easier to remember, and the Drops app has fun games.

Beelingu app

This app focuses on reading comprehension, longer texts, not short ones, though it has a limitation because it is not a stand-alone language learning app, therefore it will not teach you how to speak or correct your punctuation like other apps. It is better to use Memrise and Babbel there are the best language-learning apps.


It helps to fill in a specific gap in your knowledge of the new best language learning apps because it gives an illustration of the real-life structure. and it has started a lesson program that starts with simple phrases and numbers. it is designed by teachers to learn vocabulary and expression, the app is good for students, or for learning a new language for work. check the.

Lirica app

This is one of the online best language learning apps that you can download to your Android phone or Laptop. Lirica app relies on songs and music to help you learn. It’s even earned 4.8 out of 5 stars on the App Store. In the process of learning a new language, you will also be immersing yourself in the culture behind it. The app also includes facts about the artist who plays the music while you are learning.

fluenz language app

This app is a professional online app that is well-designed to cover courses in several major languages, with conventional lessons and exercises that can help you to achieve your goal, Fluenz encourages learners to undergo repetition of exercise to enable them to succeed in their new language, it has a solid course but overpriced compared to the competitor apps.

Rype language learning app

Rype was designed as the best language learning app for teaching platforms that provides language learners with access to one-on-one lessons with teachers. 

The app also features some tools to help students learn, and the lessons will be delivered in video chats. uses have the chance to book 30-minute lessons with teachers after subscribing to a plan. thereby allowing you to learn at your pace and speak the new language they are learning with confidence like Spanish, French, Arabic, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Russian. therefore it is best for the busy learners

The platform also features tools to help students learn, and the lessons are delivered in video chats. Rype has a section for one-to-one lessons with your teacher. Here is the.

Tandem Language app

The Tandem app is one of the world’s largest online best language-learning app communities. you can Master any language of your choice through voice, video calls, and chat with many native speakers around the world.

We will find your ideal tandem learning partner based on your interests and language level. this app helps us to discover other cultures, meet new people, and make new friends. this app helps you to interact with your teacher who speaks your native language.

Conclusion: having discussed the online language learning apps which can be downloaded on your phone or another device, in other to know how long and what the free version can do for you, it is important to check the official website of each app to enable you to know if premium version will be better to go for.

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