21 Best Brain Training Apps To Improve your memory: Download

Brain training apps are mobile applications designed to help users improve their memory and cognitive abilities through a series of mental exercises and challenges. These brain training apps offer a range of brain games, puzzles, and other activities that are designed to stimulate various cognitive functions such as memory, attention, reasoning, and problem-solving.

Brain training apps can be fun and engaging ways to challenge your brain and keep your mind active. They are convenient, accessible, and can be used anytime, anywhere. Whether you are looking for how to improve your mental agility or just want a fun way to pass the time, a brain training app might be worth exploring.

The idea behind brain training apps is that by engaging in regular mental exercises and challenges, users can improve their cognitive abilities and maintain brain health as they age. These apps often use a personalized approach to training, where the user’s performance is tracked over time and the exercises are adjusted to their individual needs and progress.

While many researchers are still debating on brain training apps, many people find them to be practical and fun, and engaging ways to keep their minds active and challenged and develop their brains. it is also important to note that these apps should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment, and users should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new brain training regimen for themselves.

Brain development is a complex process because our brain is very lazy and does not like to strain itself. And so that he would not let you down, you must make him work every day. Daily, go through one or several levels to keep your memory in good shape. Do not strain it too much memory training should please you. And so that you won’t forget about brain development, use notifications that you can customize as you like.

21 Best Brain Training Apps

  • NeuroNation brain training app
  • Personal Zen brain training app
  • Einstein’s Riddle brain training app
  • Mind Sparke Brain Fitness
  • Happify brain training app
  • Fit Brains training app
  • Lumosity Brain Training App
  • Elevate Brain training app
  • Peak brain training apps
  • CogniFit brain training app
  • BrainHQ brain training app
  • Mnemonist brain training app
  • Geist Brain Traning App
  • Clockwork Brain app
  • Left vs Right Brain app
  • Braingle brain traning app
  • Mense brain training
  • Mentalup Educational Games
  • Brain Fitness Pro training app
  • ReliefLink brain app


NeuroNation is a brain training app, a personal trainer that will help you improve your memory, it is available for both desktops and mobile devices and helps millions of people worldwide to exercise their brain at home and in the comfort of their homes.

The producer of NeuroNation has the goal to make people more aware of the importance of cognitive fitness and to put its great significance in the spotlight.

The app is being used successfully in Dementia prevention as well as for stress and burnout prevention.

2. Personal Zen Brain training apps

Personal Zen is a scientifically validated app for reducing stress and anxiety by building positive habits of attention.it is used for long periods to build stress resilience or combat stronger feelings of anxiety. like exercising a muscle, positive focus takes practice.‚Äč it is also used at your own pace during breaks in your day or longer sessions while relaxing at your home.

The clinically validated algorithm, Personal Zen recharges our mental batteries by training our brains to focus on the positive instead of the negative. users do see results within 4-5 weeks.

3. Einstein’s Riddle Brain Training apps

This app was created by Albert Einstein during his childhood, it has about 100k downloads.

It was used by Einstein to test candidates for assistant ability to think logically. 

The app assists you throughout your journey and explains how your brain is activated and supported by the training.

4. Mind Sparke Brain Fitness

Mind Sparke Brain Fitness is a simple application that improves brain health and performance. It rapidly increases cognitive ability, sharpens memory, and boosts mental stamina.MindSparke has the only training that targets your specific personality profile. The training will automatically and continuously adjusts to the most effective level for you, you can be able to measure your progress from your improvement.

Mind Sparke will help to improve your focus strengthen your memory, and increases your problem-solving ability.

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5. Happify brain training apps

It is a cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you to become more active in improving your sense of happiness and mental wellness.

Whether you are feeling sad, anxious, or stressed, Happify app brings effective tools and programs to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts. It helps with negative thinking and improves emotional well-being and achieve their goal.

6. Fit Brains training app

Fit Brains Trainer is a brain training app with an excellent design, with lots of different activities, it has many different languages, and it also concentrates on Cognitive Development, Critical thinking, logical thinking, and good visual memory. You have to choose your option of activities based on your needs. the app will track your progress so you see how you are improving, it also has various graphs that will indicate your strength and weakness as you use it.

Fit brain trainers can also be used in the classroom to aid engagement.it is best to be used for secondary school students and post-secondary education.

7. Twill Brain training apps

Twill app helps to discover activities, meditations, and games that can help strengthen your brain and mental health. with the Twill app, you can practice a skill, try a new technique, and track your progress in developing your brain. It provides digital therapeutics and care delivery models which focus on motor and cognitive function through high-dose work.

8. Lumosity Brain Training Apps

Lumosity is a popular brain training app that offers a range of cognitive games designed to improve memory, attention, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving skills. the developer of this brain training app says just one session a day can improve mental skills and users can track progress and compare performance with others.

Lumosity brain training apps knows that all brains are not the same therefore the app was designed in a way that it adapts to your strength and weakness.

9. Elevate Brain training app

Elevate is another popular brain training app that offers personalized brain training programs to improve cognitive skills such as memory, focus, and math skills. is trained with 40+ games that are designed to boost productivity and self-confidence in skills like reading, writing, and speaking. The program will adjust to your skills. You can measure your performance across skill groups to compare with others.

10. Peak brain training apps

Peak is a brain training app that offers more than 40 games designed to improve memory, language, mental agility, and problem-solving skills, it record more than 12 million downloads. In the peak brain training App, we take note of the difference between individuals so different coach is here to help everyone to reach their Peak goals.

The coach will challenge you with new workouts, track how you are progressing, and show you areas you need to improve and how you can do that, help keep you motivated and push you further till your goal will be achieved.

11.CogniFit Brain training app

CogniFit is one of the brain training apps that offers personalized cognitive assessments and training programs designed to improve cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and executive functions.it is available on your device right at your fingertips.

CongniFit help individually and as a family, It helps stimulate your family’s cognitive skills, evaluate their abilities, and help stimulate their brain. During training, it is recommended that you train 20 mins in 3 days per week. 

12.BrainHQ Brain Training app

BrainHQ is a brain training app, that offers a range of scientifically proven cognitive exercises designed to improve memory, attention, brain speed, and people skills.

BrainHQ offers a variety of exercises and games designed to improve cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and processing speed. Developed by neuroscientists, the app provides personalized training programs and tracks progress over time. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

13. Mnemonist Training app

Mnemonist is also among the online brain training app with over 500,000 downloads, it is a natural and effective way for those who like to exercise and develop their brain, it will help you to understand how your brain works. the app contains basic memorization techniques, that will help you to memorize hundreds of words.

14. Geist Brain Traning App

Geist is a brain-training app that lets its users customize a program to help them with various cognitive skills.

It offers truly personalized workouts, which are updated daily and optimized for maximum training benefits for the duration of your membership.

The Memorado app has a specific highlight that is made up of relaxation features. Once the brain assessments are complete, the users can use the relaxing feature. The app is recommended for a patient recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

15. Clockwork Brain app

Clockwork Brain training app is developed to help in the hard mental workout that comprises a series of fun and also challenging games, specifically created to test cognitive skills and upgrade them across 5 different areas of the mind, Memory, Attention, Reasoning, Dexterity, and Language. 

16. Left vs Right Brain App

The games are designed to test your Awareness, Adaptability, Reflex, Reasoning, Precision, and Patience. it includes up to 51 total game that helps to train your brain.

Left vs Right has a color blind mode which helps the brain and it is activated by the app setting menu.

17. Braingle

Braingle is one of the online brain training apps where the user can submit riddles, rate puzzles, make quizzes, keep track of brain teasers, and play some of our exclusive games. the active community which frequently adds new brain teasers and quizzes brain will never get bored.

Some of the features are only available to registered users.

18Mense brain training

The mense brain training apps help to train your brain wherever and whenever you like because you can have it handy by downloading it to your device, it improves your concentration, memory reasoning, precipitation, and brain agility.

Mense can tailor your training program and train your brain in a fun way, through puzzles that are developed by experts. Try the Mense rain training app today and see the outcome.

19. Mentalup Educational Games

Free Mind Games for Kids helps your child improve their cognitive skills like attention, concentration, focus, and memory. it has a lot of brain puzzles that can help your children to empower their skills like concentrating, visual attention, logic, and memory.

20. Brain Fitness Pro

Brain fitness pro is a commercial best brain training software program that is based on research, it can help you to develop your brain. Brain Fitness Pro combines the most effective brain training apps available with daily brain insights and unlimited support toward your brain training goals to sharpen your brain and boost your memory.

21.ReliefLink brain traning app

ReliefLink is among the best brain training app designed to help people manage their mental health, symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. The app offers a range of features, including guided meditations, mood tracking, and a crisis helpline. Users can also access resources such as articles and videos on various mental health topics through the app. ReliefLink uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations for each user, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their mental well-being

Conclusion: These best brain training apps can help improve cognitive skills and maintain brain health, it is important to note that the effectiveness of these apps may vary from person to person.

Brain training apps have become increasingly popular in recent years as people look for ways to improve their cognitive abilities and maintain their brain health. These apps offer a variety of exercises and challenges that can help to sharpen skills such as memory, attention, and problem-solving.

While some studies suggest that brain training apps can be effective in improving cognitive function, the results are not always consistent, and more research is needed to fully understand the benefits.

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