21 Top Ways to Earn Money Abroad: International Students

Whether you are under a scholarship or your school fees are being paid by a sponsor, extra money is also needed to foot other bills, like accommodation fees, food, books, traveling, and other recreations. The ways to earn money abroad will help you accomplish above mentioned.

Therefore having a personal source of income as an international student is very important and vital for financial features.

Remember to be aware of the regulations and restrictions regarding employment for international students in your host country. Some countries have limitations on the number of hours international students can work while studying. It is essential to comply with all legal requirements and prioritize your studies while balancing your work commitments.

International students studying abroad can explore various avenues to earn money while pursuing their education. On-campus jobs, off-campus part-time work, internships, freelancing, tutoring, and online entrepreneurship are some options. Scholarships and grants specifically for international students can also provide financial support and more.

Below are many more.

Ways to earn money abroad as international students

1. On-Campus jobs

Many universities and colleges offer on-campus job opportunities specifically for students. These jobs can include working at the library, administrative offices, dining services, or as a teaching or research assistant. Check with your university’s career center or student employment office for available positions.

2. Teaching

Teaching is one of the ways to earn money abroad If you are smart or academically sound, tutoring your fellow student who struggles with some subjects will enable you to earn money from them which can enable you as an international student to pay some of your bills.

3. Babysitting

Babysitting is among the ways to earn money abroad as an international student, taking care of children whose parents might be aware from home when the children are back from school, looking for such jobs will help to pay some of your bills.

Some parents work by the weekend while the children will be a home looking for such opportunities that will help in achieving their goal of having money of their own. before taking up a such job you should consider your school programs very well in other to balance your work and school.

4. Working during summer holidays

Summer is one of the best times to earn money as an international student, by getting a seasonal restaurant job. summer camps, and catering companies. these are ways to earn money abroad as an international student.

5. Internship Program

Another way is to apply for internship programs Look for internships in your field of study. Although, some internships may be paid while others may offer academic credit or valuable work experience. 

To get the internship you should consult your university’s career services office or explore online platforms that connect students with internships. through this medium, you can earn money as an international student and sort out your bills. internships are ways to earn money abroad as an international student.

6. Sale off your unwanted items

Keeping things not needed at home is very common but knowing we can make money out of it is very vital, for example, by selling on eBay, and Amazon Things like books, clothes, and kitchen equipment, you can also contact your friends who may need those things to buy them. this is a way to earn money abroad while schooling.

7. A Part -time job

Some countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia allow an international student to work up to 20hrs per week as a part-time worker while studying, you should utilize the opportunity because it will go a long way in helping out international students to earn money and pay for their expenses without waiting for their sponsor.

8. Be a language tutor

Being able to speak and write different languages is a good opportunity to earn as a foreign student, you can be a translator or a writer.

Some online apps can help you to learn a foreign language.

9. Work from Home

This can be done when a student s less busy with academic work, for example being a freelancer, playing games online, and dropshipping. All these will enable an international student and ways to earn money abroad while studying abroad.

10. Pay volunteer work

Involving in paid volunteer work are ways to earn money abroad as an international student, by joining research groups like clinical trials. With pay, volunteer work is a way you can earn money abroad as an international student.

11. Investment

Investing the little money made through some companies or shares will help to increase it and some other groups. Search for the one near or applicable to the area you are leaving.is one way to earn money abroad as an international student.

12. Off-Campus part-time job

Depending on the regulations of the country you are studying in, you may be eligible to work off-campus part-time. and also ways to can earn money abroad, Common part-time jobs for students include retail, hospitality, tutoring, or working at cafes or restaurants. Ensure you understand the local labor laws and obtain any necessary work permits or visas.

13. Freelancing

If you have specialized skills, consider freelancing or remote work opportunities. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr connect freelancers with clients worldwide in various fields such as graphic design, programming, writing, translation, or digital marketing.

14. Tutoring and language instructor

Suppose you excel in a particular subject or are fluent in your native language. In that case, you can offer tutoring services to other students. or language instruction to individuals interested in learning a new language. These are ways to earn money abroad as an international student.

15. Online entrepreneurship

With the growth of e-commerce, you can start an online business, such as selling handmade products, and digital goods, or providing services like consulting, coaching, or graphic design. Platforms like Etsy, Shopify, or creating your website can help you get started. Being an online entrepreneur is one of the ways to earn money abroad as an international student.

16. Scholarships and grants

Explore scholarship and grant opportunities specific to international students. These financial aids can be provided by universities, government agencies, private organizations, or international foundations. Research and apply for scholarships related to your field of study or country of origin. Grants are also the best ways to earn money abroad as an international student.

17. Look for Odd Jobs 

Odd jobs are jobs that might be considered as being dirty like provide to take away trash, moving someone‚Äôs lawn, cleaning their dishes, or shoveling their private roads. Not only can this cause you to feel happy to assist others, but don’t be ashamed is also among the ways to earn money abroad and solve your problems or pay your bills.

18. Online Survey Jobs

Online survey jobs are one way to earn money abroad as an international student, you need to sign up with legitimate survey websites or platforms. and these platforms will connect you with surveys that match your profile.

Then You will receive survey invitations through email, and you can choose to participate based on your availability and interest. Look for well-established platforms with positive reviews and a good track record. Some popular survey websites include Swagbuck Survey Junkie, Toluna, Vindale Research, and Pinecone Research. Do more research before you apply.

19. Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager is a popular and potentially lucrative job in the digital market. To oversee and implement social media strategies for individuals and businesses, executing social media plans to help increase brand awareness, and creating content for social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others.

19. Data-Entry Online Jobs

If you know how to operate a computer and have excellent typing skills, excellent attention to detail, and some relevant experience, you might be able to excel in one of these online jobs and launch a career online in data entry.

 Data-entering are good ways to earn money abroad and this you can do in your comfort zone maybe in your leisure time that does not interfere with your main reason for being abroad.

20. Blogger

Being a blogger is one way to earn money abroad as an international student. If you are good at writing you will not find it difficult to be a blogger.

21. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who specializes in offering administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home office. a virtual assistant to help in scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts. this can also go a long way to help an international student to earn money abroad while schooling.


There are many other ways international students can do to help them earn money abroad which is not mentioned in this article, Try to know if international students are permitted to work in the country in which you are studying and also permitted to do so, do exceed the time and make sure you balance the school and work activities. Do not forget the primary aim of your going to school abroad.

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