Top 20 Insurance Companies In Nigeria: the Website and Locations

Insurance companies in Nigeria play a vital role in protecting individuals, businesses, and other entities against various risks and uncertainties that may occur. They also provide financial coverage and assistance in unforeseen events, helping to lessen the potential financial losses that may arise.

Have you been wondering which insurance companies in Nigeria you will register with or do you know them but are still confused about which one to select and how to go about it there are many insurance companies in Nigeria that you can trust and make use of, In this article we will list and discussed some insurance companies in Nigeria.

To enhance customer experience, insurance companies in Nigeria have embraced technology, thereby offering online platforms for policy purchases, claims processing, and customer support. This digital transformation has made insurance more accessible and convenient for individuals and businesses across the country

Insurance Companies in Nigeria

01. Leadway Assurance Corporation

Leadway Assurance Corporation is one of the insurance companies in Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos. It is well known for its reputable service, efficiency, and customer reliability. It ranks among the largest insurance providers in Nigeria. Leadway offers life assurance, travel insurance, business and personal property, and casualty insurance. Additionally, it provides ancillary financial services, such as bonds, secured credit, other financial losses, and fund/portfolio management.

Leadway has 24 branches in Nigeria, with the Kaduna branch serving as the registered office and Lagos as the corporate office. One of the offices is located at No 121/123 Funso Williams Avenue, Ipnri, Lagos.

Leadway offers the following

  • Life assurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal property insurance
  • Casualty insurance


02.AllCO Insurance Company

AllCO means American International Insurance Company, is one of the insurance companies in Nigeria, the subsidiary of American International Group (AIG), founded in 1963. It is a financial services group with a market-guiding view. It is been recorded as the best insurance company in the state and country. The key business lines are insurance, health maintenance, and asset management. The branch in Lagos is at Plot 12, Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

AIICO offers the following:

  • Life assurance and allowance
  • Health insurance
  • Business lines 
  • Health maintenance
  • Asset management.

Email address: aiicontact@aiicoplc.comĀ 

03. Stealing Assurance Company Limited

Sterling Insurance Company Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 1990 and provide competitive services for all category of general insurance. Sterling has been one of the fastest-growing independent insurance agencies in the country. Due to its emphasis on superb, prompt, and efficient underwriting and claims services, the company has won the trust of important intermediaries and corporate insurance buyers. 

Sterling Assurance Company offers the following

  • Motor insurance
  • Money insurance
  • Workman Compensation Insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Household policy
  • Group/personal Accent
  • Burglary and House Breaking insurance.


04. Industrial And General Insurance Plc (IGI)

It is among the insurance company in Nigeria and a major provider of insurance and risk management services in West Africa.

Industrial, life and general insurance are all covered by this branch service facility. Additionally, it has spawned in the fields of engineering, aircraft, energy, and industrial risk management.

IGI offers the following

  • Individual Life Assurance
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • General Business Insurance
  • Global Health Insurance Plan
  • Marine Insurance
  • Oil & Energy Insurance Services.

Email address: info@iginigeria.comĀ 

05. Zenith general insurance company 

It is one of the leading insurance companies in Nigerian and the most dynamic insurance company. It deals with both insurance and general insurance. their headquarter is in victoria island Lagos

Adress:13/14-floor Zumba Mbadiwe avenue victoria island logos


official websites: 

Zenith insurance offer

  • motor insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • corporate insurance
  • householder insurance 
  • personal assurance.

0.6 Staco Insurance plc

Staco Insurance Plc is among the leading insurance company in Nigeria licensed by NAICOM to underwrite all classes of general insurance and other financial services.

The company was incorporated in Nigeria in October 1991 and subsequently licensed to transact all classes of insurance business



Staco Insurance Plc offers

  • Motor Insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Household and homeowner insurance
  • Property and insurance
  • Fire and special peril insurance
  • Burglary insurance
  • Aviation insurance

07. NEM Insurance plc

NEM provides both life and non-life insurance services. It is an insurance brokerage company. The Federal Government of Nigeria started the procedure in 1948 and completed it in 2007 with a recapitalization of Nem Insurance Plc. They offer all classes of life and non-life insurance products to personal and corporate sectors in Nigeria.

The partnership between the business and a watchful insurance provider is restricted to handling and overseeing all general insurance classes.

 Email address:


What NEM insurance offers

  • Marine insurance
  • motor insurance 
  • Aviation and Gas
  • Engineering bonds

08. African Alliance Insurance Company Limited   

It is regarded as Nigerian most seasoned and most powerful specialized life insurance provider. African Alliance Insurance Plc serves thousands of clients with individualized insurance products suited for each stage of their lives by offering life assurance, pension products, and hospitality services. The company is located at NO 54 Awolowo Way, Ikoyi

Lagos; Lagos;

Area of insurance specialization

  • Direct Life insurance, 
  • Health insurance 
  • Medical Insurance Carriers

Email adress:

09. International Energy Insurance Company 

It is an international financial organization called international energy insurance Plc, which is also one of the insurance companies in Nigeria that offer integrated solutions to the energy, industrial, and service industries. They began operations as Nigeria’s first energy-focused insurance company, specializing in top-notch underwriting solutions for both onshore and offshore hazards and the general insurance industry. The company was founded as Nigeria Exchange Insurance Company Limited in 1969. their head office is at plot 294, Jide, Oki Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street victoria island, Lagos.

International Energy insurance company provides the following

  • Motor and life
  • Oil and gas
  • Engineering/car
  • Bond and finance guarantee
  • Money risks 
  • Fire and allied perils 
  • Burglary and housebreaking
  • Personal accident 
  • Goods in transit. 



10. Linkage Assurance Plc: Linkage Assurance Plc was incorporated on 26th March 1991 and was licensed to cover and transact non-life insurance businesses on 7th October 1993. The Company offers individual and group life insurance products as well as non-life insurance products such as motor and casualty insurance

11. UBA Metropolitan Life Assurance Company Limited

The United Bank for Africa (UBA) assurance is a package of financial services aimed at fulfilling the insurance needs of their customers. It involves essentially the provision of life assurance. The services are available at their entire branch network, through Premier Relationship Managers, Micro banking services, Sales Agents, and other channels within the bank. They have different branches depending on the area or country, check any of the UBA branches close to you for more inquiries. 

What they offer to customers

  • Life assurance 

12. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC

It is one of the leading general business and risk insurance underwriters in Nigeria and is located at 266 Ikorodu Road Obanikoro Lagos.

Email info @

What the offer

  • Burglary insurance
  • Motor insurance
  •  Home Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • Bound insurance.



13. Unitrust insurance company limited

It is among the insurance companies in Nigeria licensed in 1981 in Nigeria to operate as insurance, The Company provides all classes of insurance business as general and personal insurance. head office is at No105 b, ajosa adeojun street victoria island, Nigeria.

What the offer

  • Motor insurance.
  • Marine insurance.
  • Aviation insurance.
  • Engineering insurance.
  • Energy gas and oil insurance.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Agric insurance.

14. Sovereign Trust Insurance PLC: 

The company offers life and non-life insurance. They operate currently through a network of branches Nationwide, the headquarters is in Head Office on 17, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, VI, Lagos. The company is licensed as an insurer by the Federal Government with the authority to underwrite all Classes of Non-Life insurance. 

The type of insurance they offer

  • Family well-being insurance 
  • Motor insurance 
  • Easy travel insurance cover 
  • Marine insurance.

The website: 

15. Allianz Nigerian Insurance Company:

Allianz insurance company sells life and non-life insurance services to their customer. it is also one of the good insurance companies in Nigeria.

They help to protect lives and empower people to achieve their dreams and provide Peace of mind to many people. They have nurtured sir lanked dreams in a unique and personal way to support our policyholders and the people they love. they have different branches in Abuja, Lagos Ibadan, and Benin. their head office is NO 24 Ekololu street, sukalera Lagos Island. 

They offer life assurances such as

Investment Insurance

Protection Insurance

Health Insurance

Employment Insurance

Car insurance

Education insurance


16. Royal Exchange General PLC: 

Is among the insurance companies in Nigeria The principal activities of the company are life Assurance, health and general insurance, Financing, and asset management. Its segment includes life assurance, health insurance, 

Email address


17. Tangerine General Insurance Limited 

It is an insurance company in Nigeria that is licensed to underwrite all classes of insurance business both non-life insurance policies which cover motor five, burglary, general household and homeowners comprehension, group personal accident, all risk, workmen’s comprehension, general third party liability, marine professional indemnity goods-in-transit money fidelity guarantee. their office is at NO 22 Funsho Williams Ave, Surulere 101241, Lagos.

official website:

18. Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc

They provide both life and general insurance, they are a leading brand with a strong and well-capitalized team of highly trained professionals. these insurance companies in Nigeria offer Motor, Marine, Travel, Fire, Aviation, and group life insurance. they are located at Aret Adams House, 233 Ikorodu-Ososun Rd, Ilupeju 100252, Lagos.


19. Wapic Insurance Plc

The company deals with both life and general insurance, it operates both in Nigeria and Ghana, and its activities include Car, Life, Marine, investment, and home. their headquarter is in Ikoyi Lagos.



Goldlink Insurance Plc

the company offers both general and life insurance to companies and individuals example fire and special perils, motor insurance, life & pension, and oil & gas. Head office located at NO 6 Emmanuel St, Maryland 101233, Lagos.


20.LASACO Assurance Plc

Lasaco Assurance plc operates at all stages of the oil and gas exploration, production, refining, storage, and transportation process in Nigeria. The head office is at No 16 Acme Rd, Agege 101233, Ikeja, Lagos.



Conclusion: These Top insurance companies mentioned and their website, can help you with both life and general life insurance. check the Location nearest and the company offering the insurance you need.

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